Grand Canyon Waterfalls

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Havasupai Waterfalls

Known to many as “The Heart of the Grand Canyon”, the Havasupai Waterfalls (“Havasu Falls”) are possibly the biggest undiscovered natural gem in North America.

National Park Waterfalls

The Grand Canyon has an array of amazing waterfalls aside from the Havasupai waterfalls, many of them inside the national park. Learn about them here and how to visit them!


Grand Canyon Waterfalls

Grand Canyon Waterfalls Overview

The most famous and spectacular Grand Canyon waterfalls are the Havasupai Waterfalls, but inside Grand Canyon National Park are a myriad of other waterfalls, all of which require either backpacking or rafting to reach them.

Part of what makes the Grand Canyon’s waterfalls so amazing is that they exist as oases in the middle of a vast landscape of arid deserts and dry canyons. One will find themselves hiking through an interminably dry desert, then suddenly in a lush, vibrant oasis. It is a magical experience.

Below is a description of each featured Grand Canyon waterfall. Go to the respective waterfall pages to read more about how to get see them.

Grand Canyon Waterfalls: Deer Creek Falls

Deer Creek Falls is a 180-feet tall waterfall near the shores of the Colorado River. The easiest way to reach the falls is on a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. If not rafting, backpacking is your only option to reach this amazing Grand Canyon waterfall.

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Grand Canyon Waterfalls: Elves Chasm

Elves Chasm is a stunning oasis, alcove and waterfall along the famous and rigorous Royal Arch Loop backpacking trip in Grand Canyon National Park. The easiest way to reach Elves Chasm is on a rafting trip, as it is very near the Colorado River. If you’re not on a rafting trip, then the next best way is by doing the Royal Arch Loop backpacking trip.

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Grand Canyon Waterfalls: Ribbon Falls

Ribbon Falls is along the popular Rim to Rim hiking/backpacking route. Next to Havasu Falls, this is the most visited waterfall in the Grand Canyon. The best ways to reach it are by backpacking or hiking and staying at Phantom Ranch, which then requires a 12 mile roundtrip hike.

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Grand Canyon Waterfalls: Thunder River

Thunder River, like the name suggests, is a river literally erupting from the side of a canyon wall. But it is also the world’s shortest river – it flows less than a mile before joining Tapeats Creek. The only way to reach Thunder River is by backpacking off the North Rim.

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Grand Canyon Waterfalls: Cheyava Falls

Cheyava Falls, as seen below on the cover of a March 1995 Arizona Highways magazine, is the tallest waterfall in the Grand Canyon when it is flowing. Plunging and cascading down over 800 feet, it is truly spectacular. However, it only flows in the spring when snow is melting off the North Rim or during high precipitation times like the monsoon season. The only way to reach it is by backpacking and hiking off trail.

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