Havasu Falls Helicopters

Overview of Havasupai Helicopters

Airwest Helicopters provides transportation from Hilltop (the trailhead) to Supai and vice versa during certain times of the week and year. Using the Havasupai helicopters is a great way to visit Havasu Falls without having to hike the 10 miles to the campground. Particularly for people who are staying at the Supai Lodge or families with young children, it’s a wonderful service.

Where/when to Check In for Havasupai Helicopters

It’s best to check in as early as possible. Flights begin at 10am and continue until everyone has been accommodated or until it gets dark.

Flying Down: Below Hilltop (the trailhead) parking lot on the canyon side is a broad shelf where the helicopter picks up inbound guests and drops off outbound guests. You’ll check in here and wait in line for your turn.

Flying Up: In Supai, pickup/drop-off is between the Tourism Office (aka “Camping Office”) and the Cafe.

Schedule of Havasupai Helicopters

March 15 to October 15:

  • Sunday: 10 am to 1pm*
  • Monday: 10 am to 1pm*
  • Thursday: 10 am to 1pm*
  • Friday: 10 am to 1pm*

October 16 to March 14:

  • Sunday: 10 am to 1pm*
  • Friday: 10 am to 1pm*

* Passengers are accommodated on a first come, first serve basis. Airwest will continue flying until everyone is accommodated or until it gets dark. It’s important arrive as early as possible to get a good spot in line.


The cost to fly one direction is $85 per person. Airwest accepts credit card payment (Visa, Master Card, and Discover) or cash.

More Information

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